Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Faculté des Sciences et Techniques de Fès - Initial trainings

Initial trainings

Three reasons to choose the FST

FST Fez offers a wide range of scientific and technical degrees covering many majors which meet the needs of various industries both on the national level and in the Fez- Boulmane region. The main characteristics of our programs are:

1. The proximity of the training: selective admission, continuous assessment tests, projects, presentations, practical work …. …

2. A training open to its environment:  field trips and excursions, seminars and conferences, workshops, internships in social and professional work….

3 . A pleasant and dynamic environment: Green areas, refreshments, artistic and cultural events (theater, painting, photography, Sport, ….)

The FST system

The Faculty of Sciences and Technologies Fez is an academic institution of higher education and research in the fields of Sciences and Technologies. It is characterized by:

– A selective competitive admission
– An innovative educational system:
– A modular and biannual system
– Flexibility: Students can transfer from Engineering schools, the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Pharmacy …
– A close system of monitoring and guidance for the students.
– An evaluation system of knowledge, skills and abilities based on continuous assessment tests.
– Professional training.

Admission is selective

High school graduates with scientific background are admitted based on a national ranking made by the ministry of education on the basis of their grades in high school. Applications must be submitted before June 30. A copy of the application form is available in high schools and the regional academies of Education.

 The organization of studies

Within the context of the Moroccan educational reform, FST Fez adopted the course of studies Licence/ Master /Doctorate or what is referred to as the LMD system. This system trains students to obtain the following  degrees:

– LST: Bachelor (Licence) of Science and Technology
– MST: Master of Science and Technology
– Doctorate in Science and Technology

In addition to these degrees, FST is also authorized to issue:
–  DUT: University Degree of Technology (Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie)

Programs offered


Undergraduate degree: Bachelors (Licences) of Science and Technologie

FST Fez offers courses towards obtaining  Bachelors (License) of Science and Technology with a common core of three semesters:

Mathematics / Computer Science / Physics  (MIP).

1 . Scientific Computing & Applications

2 . Electronic Telecommunications & Computer Science

3 . Industrial Engineering

4 . Mechanical Design and Analysis

5 . Computer Engineering

  • Biology / Chemistry / Geology (BCG)

1 . Chemical Engineering

2 . Analysis and Quality Control Techniques

3 . Biology and Health

4 . Biotechnology , Health and Food Safety

5 . Water and Environment

These course allow access to the masters degrees

Graduate degree: Masters in Science and Technology

FST Fez offers courses towards obtaining Masters of Science and Technology:

– Department of Biology

–  Microbial Biotechnology

–  Structure-Management and Conservation  of Biodiversity

–  Department of Earth Sciences

– Surface hydrology and water quality

– Department of Chemistry

– Chemistry of organic Molecules

– Chemometrics and chemical analysis: Application to industrial management of quality.

– Engineering Materials and Processes

– Department of Electrical Engineering

– Microelectronic Systems and Telecommunications and Industrial Computing

– Department of Mechanical Engineering

– Mechanical Engineering

– Department of Computer Science

– Intelligent Systems and Networks

– Department of Industrial Engineering

– Industrial Engineering

– Department of Mathematics

– Operational Research and Statistics – Discrete Structure – Optional Operational Research and Statistics.

These course allow access to the labor market and to doctorate (PhD) research

PhD: Doctorate degree

Mainly devoted to applied research in close collaboration with the productive sector. It is open to students who hold a Master of Science and Technology or a recognized equivalent. ( More info ).

The Engineering Majors

FST Fez offers the following majors in engineering

– Agricultural and Food Industries

– Mechanical Design and Innovations

– Electronic Systems and Telecommunication

– Engineering in Mechatronics

These courses are open to:

– Students admitted to the preparatory classes common national exam;

– Holders of the following qualifications: DUT, DEUST , DEUP, who must not be more than 22 years old at the date of the exam.

– Holders of Bachelor (License) degree in Science and Technology or other equivalent qualifications and must not be more than 23 years old at the date of the exam.

– Students eligible for the national exam of engineering schools and preparatory classes who have passed the written tests.

Selection Procedure:

– A good academic record (at least one mention (merit) )

– Passing an entry exam to the first year of the engineering program.

– An Interview .

Application documents for the entry exam.

– A completed Application form. It can be taken from the faculty’s academic service or downloaded from the website: www.fst-usmba.ac.ma

– A letter of motivation addressed to the Dean, stating the title of the major chosen.

– Curriculum vitae

– Certified copies of undergraduate and university degrees or a certificate of eligibility for the national exam of engineering schools

– Transcripts of all academic years studied.

– 1 copy of the national identity card

– 2 stamped envelopes bearing the full address of the applicant

– Any other document deemed useful to support the application (letters of recommendation, internships …

Applications should be submitted starting the beginning of July of the current year .