Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Faculté des Sciences et Techniques de Fès - A word from the Dean

A word from the Dean

Since its inception in 1995, the FST Fez has always played an important role in the University of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah thanks to its instructional design and training that proved consistent with the spirit of the Charter and the provisions of the 01.00 law. Since its birth, and just like the other Moroccan FSTs, FST Fez has offered a modular biannual system of instruction based on a continuous monitoring system of evaluation.

During its development, the attractiveness of the FST Fez was concretized through various offers of Masters degrees in technical majors, which provide graduates with great opportunities to not only pursue further studies and training in higher education or majors of engineering but also to ease the direct integration in the professional and social environment as a technical professional.

Today, being aware of the impact of the human capital on the accelerated development of our country, the FST Fez pursues its mission by training students of Bac +2, Bac +4 or Bac +6 and exploring potential opportunities of establishing a Bac +5 majors of engineering. The imminent integration of  Licence Master Doctorat (LMD) course of studies will inexorably lead to an enhancement of the students’ training and academic experience in line with the emerging jobs which require high technical dexterity. The various partnerships initiated by the FST Fez ,at a local, national and international level, with academic institutions and socio-economic actors facilitate this process of development and support the efforts in the field of scientific and technical research, especially in the laboratories and doctoral programs within the FST Fez.

Thus, the faculty’s eight strong, young, dynamic and multidisciplinary departments as well as its 33 research teams allow the FST Fez to stand as a very active part of our university with a strong passion to serve the region and a persistent look for a place as a strong socio-economic partner at the national level. As a matter of fact, this would never have happened without the consistency and competence of its technical and administrative team.

The individualized student support policy, already initiated in our faculty, surely brings a better orientation of the students in their training curriculum and allows a better definition of their personal project. Indeed, for us, it is all about developing a sense of responsibility and competition in each of our students, to strengthen and encourage their initiatives and their spirit of creativity in all areas related to culture, science and emerging technologies, all in a modern, friendly and supportive learning environment and personal development

Professor Mohcine ZOUAK. The Dean of FST Fez